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Changes to the CDP Climate Change Questionnaire – our two page guide

For those embarking on this year’s CDP journey, find out what’s changed.

CDP Climate Changes questions that have been amended

Topic: Climate Change Strategy

Relevant questions: CC2.2a: Please describe the process of how climate change is integrated into your business strategy and any outcomes of this process.

Change / rationale for change: Additional components have been added related to how the Paris Climate Agreement has influenced business strategy (non-scored) and whether your company uses forward-looking scenario analyses.

Topic: Science-based target

Relevant questions: CC3.1a and CC3.1b: Is this a science-based target?

Change / rationale for change: Amended options differentiate between companies that have a science-based target that has been approved by the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi), and those that have not yet gone through that process. Additional option allows a company to state that they have not set a science-based target as there is currently no methodology for their sector.

Topic: Market-based emissions details

Relevant questions: CC11.4: Please provide details of the electricity, heat, steam or cooling amounts that were accounted at a low carbon emission factor in the market-based Scope 2 figure reported in CC8.3.

Change / rationale for change: Column added to disclose the emissions factor of the electricity calculated in a company’s market-based Scope 2 figure.

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