Jim Fava

Chief Strategist

Jim is Chief Strategist at Anthesis Group, using his extensive skills and experience to continue to expand the use of sustainability information to inform business decisions, enhance the services and solutions offered to clients and further develop the Anthesis Brand globally.

Jim has over thirty years’ experience in the field and his passion is to help accelerate sustainability as a major business imperative, working with organizations to develop strategies to help them improve business performance through the application of strategies, management systems, and tools to create sustainable business value.

Jim is well known as one of the “Fathers of LCA” and for over 20 years he chaired the Product Sustainability Roundtable (PSRT) whose mission is to improve the performance of member companies by providing benchmarking and best practice advice.

Jim has a Ph.D. in Environmental Toxicology from the University of Maryland.


Contact Jim at Jim.Fava@anthesisgroup.com.