Dee Moloney

Managing Director, Anthesis-LRS

Dee has been the Managing Director of LRS since 2006 and has extensive experience of delivering consultancy work to the public and private sector clients at all points within the resource efficiency loop, from product design and manufacture and procurement to collection and reprocessing.

She has an excellent project management track record in managing complex multi-partner recycling programs at an operational level and overseeing and undertaking research projects of various scales.  Dee is vastly experienced leading local authority projects, including providing recycling technical support; managing research projects for new collections; evaluating policy and developing waste and recycling strategies, and assisting with modelling for resource efficiency.

She is experienced with directing resource management strategy work, designing and facilitating stakeholder engagement and decision making sessions for waste strategies.  She supports the commercial due diligence and market assessments that LRS undertakes and is running a number of projects which will result in new infrastructure and investment in the sector.

Since 2012, Dee has focused on bringing the manufacturers, producers, brands and retailers together with local authorities and waste collectors and reprocessors to identify opportunities for joint working in order to realize higher quality recyclate outputs and close the supply chain loop.


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