Debbie Hitchen

Director, Anthesis-LRS

Debbie Hitchen is a Director at LRS with a strong track record in project management, business development and consultancy.  She is recognized for her ability to build and manage multi-stakeholder teams and her capability to deliver complex and politically sensitive projects.

Debbie has an extensive understanding of the drivers and challenges of sustainable waste management having worked for four years in a local authority, four years at a leading producer responsibility compliance organization and over a decade working with public, private and third sector organizations at London Remade and LRS.

Debbie has managed projects in manufacturing, retail, waste management and the public sector, delivering waste prevention activities, increasing reuse, improving waste collections and operations, driving behavior change and initiating product stewardship programs.  She has delivered projects which focus on specific materials, such as textiles, WEEE and packaging; as well as projects which have a communications-based or behavior change methodology.  She is equally comfortable managing research, strategy, operational change management and stakeholder engagement projects.  Debbie is a qualified facilitator and is well known for her stakeholder engagement capabilities and her chairing of meetings.


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