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Stuart McLachlan contributes to Financial Times article: “Climate change is a business problem”

Anthesis’ CEO Stuart McLachlan contributed to an article in the Financial Times (FT) which was published on 25th May 2014 entitled “Climate change is a business problem“.  Whilst climate science is well understood and accepted, the effects on future investments is less so.  As a result, Mike Scott of the FT posed the question “how should they (investors) react to the warnings?“.

Stuart stated that it is becoming more and more difficult for governments to ignore the pressures caused by climate change and that “…the evidence for climate change is such that there is growing certainty that governments are going to react.”  And it is not just governments: “businesses are also seeing climate risks start to affect their own operations, so for them the risk is not really about having to comply with new regulations, it is that there will be disruptions to their supply chains. This is a fundamental business threat.

The article can be read in full on the FT’s website which can be accessed here.

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