Have we passed peak sustainability reporting? Join us for a breakfast event in London

Paradoxically, as sustainability reporting matures and mainstreams, it may be becoming unsustainable.


It’s hard to stay on top of expectations with sustainability reporting, even if it is your day job. Reporters are burdened with choices and expectations from different frameworks, indices and a growing range of mandatory requirements, as well as a constant stream of updates and new guidance. Which horse to back?  GRI?  SASB?  IIRC? UNGC? ISO?  All of these?

Meanwhile, reporting is moving in a new direction – leading organizations are shifting away from solely reporting on progress to telling a more visionary story about social value creation through both their narrative and impact measurement approaches – raising expectations again that the humble report will also be the cornerstone of a company’s claim to a positive purpose. And if that wasn’t hard enough, the rise of science and context-based approaches to materiality and targets brings in yet more choices and complexity.

How can reporters ensure continued relevance of their sustainability reports in this complicated world? Reporting can, and does, bring value to both the business and stakeholders, but what approaches should you choose without losing sight of a longer-term sustainability strategy? Being buried under tons of reporting requirements could mean that precious resources and energy goes to meeting the wrong requirements.

We’ll be exploring some of these issues with contributions from FTSE 350, global and other organisations at a breakfast event at a central London location on the 28th June. We’ll apply the Chatham House Rule to encourage open debate. Where the conversation takes us will depend on what you want to focus on, but themes will include:

  • Measuring impact – what’s the right approach for you?
  • Science and context – have stakeholders had their day?
  • Integrated reporting – is it yesterday’s future?
  • GRI – is it losing relevance for seasoned reporters?

Venue: 20 Eastbourne Terrace, London, W2 6LG
Timing: 8:30 AM – 11:00 AM, 28 June 2017
RSVP: places are extremely limited, so if you’re interested in participating, or have any questions, please use our fill out form below:

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