Global climate action plan highlights key role of food and agriculture

Anthesis has been working with stakeholders across the entire supply chain to tackle food waste (both in Europe and North America) and is a member of the Cool Farm Alliance – a coalition of more than 40 organizations who promote sustainable agriculture through use of the Cool Farm Tool*, a free-to-use, online calculator to help producers better manage on-farm greenhouse gas emissions. Our Chief Technical Advisor, Craig Simmons, was therefore particularly intrigued by Drawdown, a new book containing research assembled and edited by sustainability guru Paul Hawken, which highlights the importance of food and agriculture in mitigating global carbon emissions.

Billed as the ‘most comprehensive plan ever proposed to reverse global warming’, Drawdown maps, measures, models and describes in detail the top 100 solutions to climate change.

Drawdown presents research from a broad coalition of researchers, scientists, policy-makers and business leaders, assimilated into a coherent plan which is clearly explained and presented as a series of discrete climate change mitigating solutions. Additionally, each intervention is explained, costed and ranked according to sector and likely climate benefit.

What came as a surprise to many, as Paul Hawken explained when I met him at a recent launch event in London, was the number and significance of solutions linked to the food and agriculture sectors.

Of the top 25 climate change mitigation measures presented, ten (listed below) are linked to the food sector and many more would be impacted by interventions within the wider agricultural supply chain:

table showing drawdown top ten


For more information, see, or get hold of a copy of the book (already a New York Times Bestseller). ISBN 0143130447.

*Anthesis Group developed and support the online Cool Farm Tool which has recently been expanded to include biodiversity and water metrics.

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