How to get staff excited about bruised bananas (and Tupperware)

Anthesis recently carried out our very own ‘anti-food waste week’ across our UK offices. Think fridge and fruit bowl clear outs, packaging pile-ups, and Tupperware enthusiasts out in force…

Though we pride ourselves on already being waste-savvy – it’s fundamental to what we do – we know there’s always room for improvement, and so this campaign week was intended as a light-touch, fun way of involving all our UK colleagues in Anthesis’ own sustainability programme. And an added positive impact was that we also got those we share our buildings with, i.e. those who don’t necessarily work in sustainability, asking questions and joining in the fun!

We had some brilliant engagement during the week; all the activities were intended to take no more than a moment out of our busy days, yet firmly place the spotlight on food and related waste. The week included inter-office competitions, “installations” to show the quantity of packaging generated at lunch time, top tips for ways to make the most of office kitchen staples (e.g. popping your used coffee grounds on your garden patch), and lots of photo and knowledge sharing to see what teams across the country were up to. The final day culminated in the opportunity for colleagues to each make a food waste-related pledge based on inspiring new ideas from the week.

“As leading experts in food sustainability and stakeholder engagement, it’s absolutely essential that this is central to our own operations too. The week was a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate our expertise in-house, foster collaboration across our UK team, and come up with new ways of engaging people on the topic. All in all, the week highlighted just how waste-conscious our people already are, and everyone enjoyed the chance to try something new.”

Dee Moloney, Director

Other organisations are also putting the spotlight on how vital their own people are in conveying messages more widely. Nestlé, for example, are engaging their own employees to become food ambassadors, teaching them cookery and nutrition skills they can share with families and friends. And websites such as Love Food Hate Waste are a great first stop for food- and money- saving techniques which are easy to implement at home. And what about giving Olio a try, the revolutionary, free food sharing app connecting neighbours and businesses alike to share surplus food?

Our Anthesis ‘anti-food waste week’ was a small yet significant component of our overall sustainability plan for 2016. It’s our network of ‘Sustainability Champions’ across our UK offices who put the campaign into action, and who have lots of other exciting plans too.

Behaviour change campaigns such as this are a great way to communicate a sustainability message – whether that’s anything from waste to energy efficiency – and get everyone involved, however large or small your team may be.

We are experienced in supporting our clients in developing and implementing similar campaigns. Please get in touch with us at for more information.

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