We help organizations reach their energy, carbon and cost reduction goals.

Anthesis is a leading energy and carbon management company dedicated to providing cost and carbon efficiencies.

We offer an integrated service to ensure that we can be your long term, end to end energy and carbon management partner.

Our engineers, consultants and project managers do this through improved design, delivery and management of energy resources for people in public and private sector organizations.

Compliance and standards

Our energy experts keep up to date with the regulations and standards that apply to both public and private sector organizations of all sizes so that we can advise our clients on the regulations that apply to them.

Through detailed energy reporting we outline the optimal route to compliance and support our clients through the design, install and optimization of new or existing energy systems. Below are just some of the regulations and standards which we’ve helped our clients meet:

  • Energy Savings Opportunity scheme (ESOS) – view our micro-page here.
  • Heat Network (Metering and Billing) Regulations 2014
  • ISO 50001/ISO 14001
  • CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme
  • The Energy Efficiency (Private Rented Property) (England and Wales) Regulations 2015
  • Display Energy Certificates (DECs) and advisory reports
  • Energy Company Obligation

Energy management

We provide an integrated set of services that can be tailored to meet our clients’ needs in delivering lower costs, cleaner operations and reliable performance.

Our services include:

Carbon strategy – we support organizations looking to create and manage a carbon strategy.

Whole life carbon modelling – we help organizations understand the carbon impact of their buildings (view our dedicated built environment page), products and/or processes over the entirety of their lifecycle.

Metering, monitoring and targeting – through this service we provide more detailed data for organizations to understand how energy is being used throughout their buildings.

Building optimization – we help our clients achieve optimal occupant comfort with minimum energy use.

Investment grade auditing – we perform feasible studies to help our clients assess options for switching to lower carbon energy alternatives for heating and cooling.

Funding and finance – we help clients understand and secure a variety of funding and finance initiatives for their energy management needs.

Decentralised energy

We provide independent, impartial advice and expertise to local authorities and developers who wish to investigate and progress decentralised energy projects, such as district heating, cooling and local energy generation.

Developing a decentralised energy project that meets its objectives and is financially viable requires a unique blend of skills. Our service recognises this and is designed to reduce costs, overcome institutional inertia and build customer and investor confidence.

We provide support in the three key areas that are crucial to developing a successful project.

  • Commercial – we help choose a business model and funding route which maximizes the short and long term benefits of the project.
  • Technical – our team of chartered engineers ensure long-lasting heat networks in which customers and investors can have confidence. We work from concept to installation, but specialize in design specification, performance assessments, project management and metering strategy.
  • Stakeholder engagement – we work to understand internal and external stakeholders so that the district heating solution is focused on both the end customer’s requirements and in meeting corporate objectives.

Energy conservation measures

We procure and install energy efficiency and carbon saving technologies that deliver fast payback periods whilst meeting performance requirements.

Through free, non-disruptive surveys we determine the most suitable technologies for our client’s building portfolios (view our dedicated built environment page) from a range of energy conservation measures including:

  • Technical insulation – reducing heat and energy loss through insulating boiler plant rooms, pipework and other technical components.
  • Building fabric insulation – utilizing industry standard cavity wall and loft insulation to reduce heat loss through cavity walls and roof spaces.
  • LED lighting – designing and installing a wide range of energy efficient lighting systems that cut costs and improve internal environments.
  • Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS) – installing and optimizing BEMS technology allowing our clients to automate their building’s energy systems, reducing costs and carbon.

Read and download our 2-page guides and case studies here