Let’s go on a journey…from risk to resilience

How do you future-proof your business? Whether you’re keeping your workforce safe and productive, managing environmental liabilities, or competing for scarce natural resources, you need to build resilient business operations. Our data driven approach will help you get to grips with the material issues. At the global level, we know your business relies on natural capital and can advise on how to secure access to the resources you need. We’ll help you make efficient use of energy, water and materials. At the local and regional level, compliance issues take center stage. We’ll bring deep understanding of local policy and practice to your development planning, pollution control and waste management. With people on the ground where you need them most, we combine world class expertise with the best of local delivery. We’re global specialists, ready to boost the resilience of your operations, right on your doorstep. Let’s have some face time.  


You need solutions that are fit for purpose. We recognize the unique opportunities that you have to boost performance, increase efficiency and reduce cost. We’re focused on your people, your needs and the results you want to see – not just checking boxes. We help to fine tune and maximize value from existing programs, but we can also design, implement and manage compliance programs from scratch. You expect world class expertise. We’ve worked with leading companies in the technology, pharmaceutical, financial and utilities industries, delivering cutting edge compliance and operational improvement programs. You want to talk to someone with on the ground experience. Our people haven’t just got masters degrees, they’ve got hands on experience in managing complex global business issues. Our track record of success in difficult corporate environments means we understand the challenges you face.


Sustainability metrics

  • Regional footprinting
  • Organizational footprints
  • Ecological footprinting
  • Waste audits/mapping material flows
  • Circular economy metric
  • World class event carbon management
  • Construction carbon management

Managed services

  • In-house implementation of sustainability and EHS programs

Environmental Health and Safety (EHS)

  • Program design, implementation and monitoring
  • Compliance management and auditing
  • Management systems (ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 50001)
  • Regulatory analysis and support
  • Permit management and support
  • Regulatory liaison
  • Training and capacity building


  • Cloud based dashboard providing insight to users on future shock risks such as energy security, water scarcity, pandemic and disease, societal unrest, the emergent middle class
  • The outcomes of different future scenarios are quantified.
  • All risks areas are aggregated and aligned to GRI and IFC Performance Standards.
  • Initial releases of the tool will provide insights for information and communications technology (ICT), oil and gas and retail sectors; other industrial sectors will be added in successive releases of RiskHorizon™ scheduled for Q2 2015 and beyond.
  • Regional profiles provided for OECD, MINT and BRIC countries.  Further countries to be added in successive releases of RiskHorizon™ scheduled for Q2 2015 and beyond.
  • Full information is available at www.risk-horizon.com.

Environmental risk assessment

  • Hazard and risk identification and quantification strategies (e.g. HAZID and HAZOP studies)
  • Contaminated site management including remediation strategy and design
  • Radon risk assessments and mitigation

Transaction services

  • Phase 1 EHS and technical due diligence
  • Phase 2 subsurface investigations and building contaminants surveys
  • Environmental liability and risk assessments

Remote sensing